We manage your support.. You get on with your life

A lot of server and system management occurs on the weekend or after hours. Or it should. Don’t spend another evening or weekend worrying about your GPO changes, updates or service additions. At NBS, we understand the importance of production and availability and we work when it makes sense for you, the customer. 

Lets face it, unless you’re an IT or systems person support sucks. At NBS, we are a Certified Microsoft Partner specializing in Server 20XX management, Active Directory, Sharepoint and Exchange, along with Win7Pro, Win10 AND MacOS. We have spent a lot of years designing and managing some pretty big enterprises, but at the same time, built & managed the server and station infrastructures for the small and medium businesses out there that don’t have the resources to have “full time” support or systems people available

Paris is beautiful in Spring, so is Madrid, New York, Toronto and Vancouver. If you can’t work however, retrieve your files, connect to your VPN or cloud service or get your email, things don’t look so glorious anymore.

With NBS Virtual roaming support it doesn’t matter where you are, or what time zone you’re in. We are here, and we can help. With our WorkUpPlan, we are available 24/7, have a copy of your config, know who you are and even if you can’t turn “that stupid thing on” we can help get you going.

Its 2:00am, you are sleeping soundly, excited about the coming day and how awesome you and everyone who works with you will be. Racking up the sales, making those key presentations and having everything you need in that little room at the office with those big computers in it, you might even have that information backing up to the cloud .. and thats great!


Someone is trying to get in. Brute Force attacks, DDOS attacks, Penetration tool sets at the ready 5 and a well ghosted IP address. For them it’s fun, for you … a Nightmare

Let NBS monitor your servers and systems and as soon as they try, we know. Besides having preventative measures already in place, we immediately “fight back” Not just to stop the attempted intrusion, but to identify the attackers

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