Excellence Redefined

For over 28 years Northview has been providing excellence in support, design, build and audit services. You don’t need to worry about the health, performance or security of your environment with Northview behind you.

Small Business Finance

Bookkeeping, payroll, taxes. Northview Business Services knows small and medium sized business taxes and finance. Whether you just need your payroll managed every 2 weeks, or an integrated PO system, We have the expertise to manage your needs.

Guaranteed Support Services

Peace of mind. That is what we provide and what we guarantee. Network management, remote or onsite support, customized reporting and ticketing systems and real world service level agreements.

Cable Plant

Whether you are recabling a newly leased or purchased office environment or redesigning your industrial cable plant. Northview has the expertise, patience and experience to ensure your connections work

Auditing Services

Whether you need to ensure you are fully compliant with your software licensing, need to understand your network or are looking for areas to improve process and policy, our 25 years of expertise can help you ensure you are on the right path moving forward

High Density Wifi

It’s not what it used to be. Whether it’s in extreme locations using Satellite or a campus design in the heart of the city, Northview can design and implement a wireless environment that is robust, available and secure to meet your business needs

Cyber Security

Most of us think a strong password is enough. All of us are wrong. Server Hardening, Firewall Auditing and Secure Process and Policy design are just a few of the Security Services Northview offers. Don’t wait until you lose it all to learn more

Ethical Hacking / Penetration Testing

We know you “hope” your systems are secure, but maybe you need to make sure. With worldwide expertise, the proper tools, and the knowledge to know the most effective ways to mitigate your potential security challenges, NBS employs cutting edge techniques designed to stay ahead of the curve. 

What is the Northview Difference?

It is easy to say that service is what drives you, quite another to live it everyday. At Northview we take our commitment to service excellence seriously, so seriously that we guarantee it in everything we do. Not a convoluted, 5000 page legal guarantee, but a real, easy to read and easy to understand guarantee
At Northview, excellence is not an assumption or a given. It is generated through hard work, diligence, social contributions and a belief that we can all be better.
Integrity in our work, honesty in our dealings with our clients and ourselves and a belief that is deeply rooted in our founders that if you can, you should. We price fairly, work efficiently, and prefer a long relationship built on trust to a quick deal that ultimately benefits no one. We are old school in our work and ethics, and cutting edge in our technology and know how.
Alot of people make the mistake of equating size with excellence. We do not. Whether we are managing your day to day IT services, providing a technical or security audit or doing your bi-weekly payroll we pride ourselves on our diligence and our dedication to excellence
We are here for you. No matter where you are, or when you need us, NBS understands the importance of accessibility, functionality and time. For example, if we are maintaining your server(s) and doing patching or updates, why would we change extra to do them overnight? That’s when they SHOULD be done!

Nice stock photo we know. Things are different here

Real people

We have all seen the glossy, pretty photo’s when we are looking for someone to remotely support our infrastructure but honestly, what do you want; An experienced bulldog who will stop at nothing to solve your issue, or a model?

We are in North America

Whether you are on our small business 9-5 plan, or an enterprise 24/7 the tech (and we really mean TECH – there are no scripts to follow here) is in Toronto, Vancouver, Daly City California or Raleigh NC.

Deep down, we think in 1's and 0's

We communicate clearly and effectively, we document expertly and with understandable “mom could follow” language and instructions, but we think like the geeks we really are, the strategists we really are and the digital experts we really are.

Financial Services. Done right, priced right.

Bookkeeping Services

You’re running a business and your expertise lays elsewhere. HST submission, payroll deductions and filings, Corporate and Personal Income Taxes, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. At Northview, we do it and we do it right, so you can focus on running your business

Tax Preparation

We know small and medium sized businesses. We understanding the fine separation between the importance of capitalization and when it makes sense for something to be operational. Taxes are, well lets be honest, a real pain in the … Well, you know. We remove that pain for you and our experts will use every legal method possible to maximize your efficiency, and your returns

Cost and Service Auditing

Sometimes it is the little things that can make the greatest impacts to your bottom line. We know where those little things are hiding and we will find them. Are you treating your software and IT services the right way? Are your vendor contracts set up to benefit you to their maximum potential? We will make sure they are

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions about our services. Everything from  “How much is a service call?” to “Do you know anything about Agile Methodologies and do they really promote adaptive planning and continuous improvement?” and we encourage you to reach out and ask anything you like. We aren’t going to pollute or infrastructure with 1000 different reasons not to speak with you or interact with you. We WANT to talk to you 🙂 Now don’t get us wrong, we are all about self empowerment and most of our contracted clients have a full knowledge base of “how to’s” that they can utilize whenever they like … but we still like to get the “zingers” or even just a “hey, what do you think of us upgrading our corporate phones to Marshmallow?”

So how much IS a service call?
We usually don’t work that way. We generally are under contract with you and in that contract is an SLA (service level agreement) that outlines our response times, included hours, site availability, responsibilities and dedicated contact information. Our contracts start at as low as $99 a month and all services and service level agreements are guaranteed.
We think Digital and Tech are different - Do you?
Well, yes and no. It all depends on how you choose to define each and whether or not you are going to silo each function. We have designed, collectively, about 1100 websites over the years, 150 apps, augmented reality presentations, live webcasts (to audiences over 100,000 viewers) and completely re-branded entire digital environments. I think it all works best when you’re really REALLY good at both pieces. Knowing what works, and HOW it works.
All our data is safe.. seriously.
From privacy issues with The Patriot Act to the difference between files and system states, NBS has secure data solutions that work. An Off-site mirror, a hybrid back-up and cloud copied file availability, we work out the best solution for your needs. Your data can ALWAYS be safer, make sure it is as safe as it can be.
What is the point of an audit? Aren't they bad?
A lot of the time, small and medium businesses just kind of groove with the status quo, it works so why fix what isn’t broken. An excellent point, but technology changes, FAST. Security changes FAST, and better, more efficient and cost effective ways of doing things can not only better secure your environment, but make it faster, cheaper, properly licensed and up to date. All things that are identified with an audit. So no, these audits aren’t bad things, they just might be the best thing to happen to your environment in a while

Don't Be Shy

Drop us a line anytime, and one of our customer service superstars will respond to you as soon as possible! (and we really mean it too 🙂 )

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